Truck - Trailer Dimensions

Truck and Trailer Dimensions


In road transportation, there are limits determined for the safety of vehicles and cargo. These limits are based on different tonnage and size standards for different sized vehicles. The dimensions of transport vehicles such as trucks, trucks, vans and centipedes determine the amount of load they can carry. Load carrying capacity does not vary across brands and is standardized by law.


Truck Dimensions and Load Capacities


The load carrying capacity of trucks used in domestic and international transportation varies depending on the dimensions of the vehicles. Truck load carrying limits are as follows:


Normal Truck (Awning or open): 13.60 x 2.42 x 2.60 m (Length x Width x Height) / 20-24 tons / 80 m3       
Maxima Truck (Tilt Trailer): 13.60 x 2.44 x 2.80 m / 20-24 tons / 92 m3       
Mega Truck (Tilt Trailer): 13.70 x 2.46 x 3.00 m / 22-26 tons / 100 m3       
Truck and Pickup Truck Dimensions and Load Capacities


Trucks are frequently preferred vehicles in transportation, and their load carrying capacity varies according to vehicle type, dimensions and number of axles. Truck and pickup truck load carrying limits are as follows:


Truck Trailer (Awning Vehicles): 7.10 + 7.68 x 2.45 x 2.80 m / 20-24 tons / 100-105 m3       
Low Bed Trailer: 13.60 + 6 x 2.55-3.00 x 3.00-4.00 m / 25-80 tons       
Hydraulic Trailer: 13.00 + 13.00 x 3.00 -5.00 x 3.00-5.00 / 60-100 tons       
Two Axle Trucks and Pickup Trucks: 13.50 m / 11-20 tons       
Three Axle Truck: 15 m / 21-24 tons       
Four Axle Truck (Centipede): 15 m / 32-38 tons TIR - You can view/download the trailer dimensions from the PDF file below.



Truck Dimensions


Trailer Dimensions


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